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What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A logo is a key part to a business. People make lots of judgments on your business and how it conducts itself. So, it is vital for your business that you have the perfect logo! We have covered the different colours you should include in your logo before and how they give potential customers a feeling towards your business. So today we are going to look at the contents and design of your logo and how they affect your customers.

Animal Logos

If you have an animal in your logo, people will take an automatic liking to you. They will think of your business as being friendly and approachable and already have gained a sense of trust towards it. Something to bear in mind with this one however, is that the animal you choose could have an impact. For example, a cute little dog may make these impressions. However, if you have a snake included in your logo, people may expect your business to be a little underhanded. The key is thinking about which animal you would like your business to be perceived as!

Circular Logo

When it comes to logos, even the shape is a huge part of how people perceive your business. With a circular logo, they are seen to be warmer and more welcoming due to the curves and lack of harsh corners. If you have a business where you want people to feel welcome and at ease, such as a therapy company this would be a great choice for you!

Square and Rectangular Logos

If you have a square or rectangular shaped logo. People will tie your business with being formal and straight to the point. Due to the harsh corners on these logos, you give off the impression you mean business and there is no messing around. A logo like this would be perfect for a gym that wants to get the message across that they are hardworking!

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