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Most Effective Colours When Choosing a Logo, Pt 3

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Choosing a logo for your business is a crucial part of the setup, a logo represents the business to all potential customers and clients and is usually the first impression they will get of your business, so having the perfect logo is a must! There are many things you need to consider when making this decision, whether that be the shape, colour, or feature of your logo. But did you know that by choosing specific colours to go onto your logo, people will think certain things of your business.

This is down to something called colour psychology, which is where colours have an impact on our emotions and actions. For example, yellow can make us feel cheerful and red can make us angry (or hungry)! This also takes place when looking at logos and makes us think of certain morals a business has based on their logo colours.

Grey Logos

Grey is a great neutral choice if you are looking to be in that perfect middle ground. Grey logos are perfect for companies which want to come across sophisticated and serious, but add in a splash of other colours to give your logo a more youthful touch. Use and blend different shades of grey to achieve the full effect.

White Logos

White is the absence of colour, with this comes an essence of weightlessness and cleanliness. This is a great colour for brands that want to come across professional, clinical, or methodical. It can also be aspirational, representative of a kind of unattainable purity.

Green Logos

Green is the best colour for versatility. According to research, green isn’t linked with many brand personality traits, but it has strong cultural associations. Typically, green represents the natural world, which is why eco-friendly, vegan, and natural wellness brands often have green logos. But you can use green for any type of business!

When it comes to picking your own logo colour, make sure you know what message it is you want to get across, do you want your business to be a cheerful youthful message or more of a serious luxurious message?


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