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Most Effective Colours When Choosing A Logo

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Designing a logo for your business when setting it up is a crucial part of the start-up, as a logo plays a lot more of a part when attracting consumers than people realise!

Choosing the right design and colour theme for your logo is key, as it can attract the right type of people to come and check you out. However, having a poor design and poor colour theme can have the reverse effect.

When it comes to logos and adverts people often talk about colour psychology, which is colours having an impact on our emotions and actions such as blue having a calming impact on us and yellow being a cheerful colour. However, does this actually help when designing a logo and setting up your business.

What colour means what?

Having a red logo represents excitement, passion, and anger. If you have a brand that is youthful, modern, or loud. Then a red logo could be for you. However, if you are looking at being more mature of a brand, then red is not for you. Another thing to note with having a red logo, is that it is supposed to stimulate appetite, hence why so many food companies go with a red logo.

Orange is a lesser version of red, seen as more playful and less fierce. It has a lot of energy, if you are looking at trying to be a luxurious or professional brand then orange probably isn’t the colour for you. Orange is perfect for sports brands and other companies that want to be seen as energetic and engaging!

Having a yellow logo gives off lots of joy and friendliness, it will give your brand a youthful energy. Most people do not associate luxurious brands with a yellow logo, so make sure to think about that if you are looking to be a luxurious brand.

Blue logos are a sign of maturity, professionalism, and trustworthiness. If you want to be a brand that is taken seriously, then blue is for you. Something to note with a blue logo is that over half of brands use a blue logo, so you will need to find your own spin to stand out.


If you are looking for a professional graphic designer to help you acquire the perfect logo for your business, then make sure to check out Gareth Wright Design who offers amazing services.


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