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Most Effective Colours When Choosing a Logo, Pt 2

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Choosing your colours for your business’s logo is a lot more important than people realise, the colours play a huge part in how people see your brand and your business morals. People usually talk about colour psychology when it comes to using colours in a logo, this refers to how our brain makes us think based on the colours we see.

Purple Logo

Purple is a great colour to use if you want your brand to appear luxurious, as purple is often linked to riches and opulence. However, whilst it is associated with wealth and luxury. Purple isn’t seen as an overly serious colour. So, if you have a playful, expensive project this is the perfect for you.

Pink Logo

Pink is quite an unusual colour, as most colours used for logos are those of primary or secondary colours. Pink is a good colour is you want your logo to look young and friendly. If you have a company that is in a department such as a therapy place for teens, pink would be a perfect fit for that.

Brown Logo

As brown is the colour of dirt and tree bark, it is commonly linked with earth tones and nature. This and that it is duller than other colours. Brown tends to come across rugged and serious. Brown is also the least used logo colour, so if you want to stand out brown may be the colour for you.

Black Logo

Black is a great colour for a logo. Are you looking to appear slick, modern, and luxurious? Then black is the colour for you. However, if you are looking to appear economical and affordable, then black isn’t what you should choose. Black is the absence of light, for something that is as old as light itself black still feels modern. Its simplicity is almost perfect, most luxury brands love to go with a black logo.


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