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Start a Career in Business as a Disabled Individual with This Guide

by Linda Chase

For individuals who are living with a disability, figuring out a career path can be challenging. Many people require flexibility, special equipment or tools, or the ability to work from home, and there’s no one path that meets every need. However, the world of business offers so many options, and many of them are quite lucrative. Finance, management, consulting, and accounting are a few of the most popular fields in business; you might even decide to start a business of your own.

When you’re ready to begin with branding, you’ll need the perfect logo and graphics so you can stand out, and Gareth Wright Design can help you bring your dreams to reality. Here are a few tips on how to get started in the world of business.

Earn your degree

There are several degrees to choose from that fall under the business umbrella, but a handful - including finance, marketing, and accounting - are more lucrative than others. After doing some research to figure out which area suits you best, think about the requirements for the degree you’re after and the logistics surrounding them. Many schools offer online learning for full degrees now, meaning you can work from the comfort of your own home if you choose; others offer part-time programs for those who are already working.

Tap into your entrepreneurial skills

Once you have some training in the business world and have a good understanding of which direction you want to go in, consider utilizing your skills to branch out on your own. Whether you want to remain in the world of business itself or simply use your education as a jumping-off point for running things, becoming an entrepreneur can help you make a living doing what you enjoy as long as you have some helpful resources. You can even find grants and funding to help get started.

There are several things to consider in the beginning, however, such as setting up an online presence; Gareth Wright Design can help you create professional, engaging branding that makes your business stand out. You’ll also need to think about the marketing end of things. Video marketing is hugely beneficial to small businesses because it helps to influence buyers and can improve your business’s search rankings online. Look for a video marketing professional who can help you create the content you need, and compare prices and read reviews carefully.

Look for an internship

If starting a business isn’t quite right for you at the moment — or if you just want to gain some experience in your chosen field first--consider an internship. Many companies offer a paid version or contribute to course credit for a degree, and you’ll earn some valuable experience at the same time. Some companies only have a few slots available, which can create a highly competitive scene. Make sure you have a stellar portfolio or resume in order to stand out, and do some research on the company itself so you can shine during the interview.

Land an entry-level position with ease

When you’re ready to move on from an internship to a full-time position, think about how you want to talk about your abilities to your potential employer, or whether you want to share your personal experiences. Some individuals who are living with disabilities are wary of giving too much away, while others feel it’s essential to make sure the employer is aware of their needs and requirements. This is a personal decision that should be made only when you’re ready.

Include any job-related experience you have during the interview process and talk about why you’re searching for employment. Often, an entry-level job doesn’t require experience, but it certainly helps because it means there won’t be as many training hours involved.

Going into business as a disabled individual presents many joys and challenges, so it’s important to look for support from friends, family, your school, and your coworkers as you go through the process. Try networking online, which can help you make valuable connections.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels


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