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Working from Home

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

All work and no play make Jack...burnout!

With the pandemic continuing, a lot of workers including Graphic Designers will have lost their jobs or made to work from work. Here are a few tips to keeping sane during this difficult time.


Working from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic can be very difficult if you have children, especially if you don’t have the room for a separate office space. I recommend noise reduction headphones but remember its also difficult for children so during breaks and out of business hours spend time playing with them it will help you too.

Follow a Routine

Working from home doesn’t mean working long sessions during the day. You will still have to develop a routine and stick to it. Working from home does offer flexibility regarding your time, but the jobs still need to be completed. If you plan on rolling out of bed at 11am you will still have to make up for lost time later in the day especially if you have deadlines to meet.

Find Your Optimal Working Hours

Everyone is different, which is why we are most efficient at different hours in the day. Some of us are most productive in the early hours of the morning, while others work best at night. Keep trying out different time slots in the day to find out when you work at your best.

Be Comfortable

There’s going to be plenty of alone time when you work remotely. Sometimes, a bit too much alone time! Once you get settled into your routine, you can quickly become demotivated, or bored, or even lonely. It helps if you take on work that you enjoy, make sure you have made yourself a comfy office space and take a break every few hours to avoid burnout. Personally I enjoy listening to music while I design it relaxes my mind helps me through long days.

A Work/Home Routine

Working from home feels like freedom. However, you can get caught up working for longer hours than expected because there is no separation between your work-life and home life.

Take Regular Breaks

If you are a designer, hours can fly past you when you hit your in the flow. It’s a great feeling when you are in the zone for hours, and there are no interruptions. However, your body and mind need to have a break from intense work sessions so take the dog for a walk or relax for a bit.

Take care and we will get through this.

Stay home and help the NHS.


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