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6 Ways of Beating the Creative Block

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Creative Block is a formidable foe. It happens to everyone. You go to write, draw, design, or build and suddenly your brain is empty and you want to smash your head into the desk. Here are 6 ways to fight it...

Write/Draw/Doodle anything and everything

Even if you think it’s pointless or not worth noting down, do it. It’s incredible how many times little ideas have turned into something much bigger. Take the ‘I Love New York’ slogan for example. Milton Grazer sketched it with a red crayon in the back of a taxi. Now it’s known worldwide. So doodle away, you never know.

Take time to recharge

Have you been agonising over a concept for hours and hours only to hit that awful creative block? Well, take a break. It sounds obvious but so many designers will just keep on working until an idea magically appears out of mid-air. Instead, stop, turn your screen off, go for a walk, draw, play with your children and take some time to recharge, and who knows, you might find inspiration from somewhere unexpected.

Stop comparing yourself

A lot of the time we put too much pressure on ourselves to be the best, and through that, we compare our work to others, and we focus on the negative. Instead, try and just focus on the work you are doing. You wouldn’t have this job if the clients and your bosses didn’t feel like you were up for the task.

Organise desk/office

It’s the oldest saying in the book, but tidy house equals tidy mind, and this applies to work as well. If you’re feeling weighed down with the pressure to come up with an idea, take some time to organise your workspace and tidy up.

Get some sleep

Designers are known for late nights and lots of caffeine, but whenever possible, get an early night! Late nights and early mornings are not a good mix. Not only will you be exhausted, but you’re likely to feel more overwhelmed with work.

Get out of the studio

Being in new surroundings will help to clear your head and give you a clear mind, allowing you to collect your thoughts and come back to work with a new lease of life.


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