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Guerilla (Marketing) in the Mist

Guerilla Marketing is a type of marketing where companies use unconventional tactics to sell their products and services.

There’s no doubt that it can provide fantastic results while allowing marketers to exercise their creativity in a unique way, but it will only work for businesses who aren’t afraid of risk-taking.



Whether using a simple stencil or a giant sticker, guerrilla marketing tends to be much cheaper than classic advertising.

Creative thinking

With guerrilla marketing your budget isn’t as important as general marketing. With guerrilla marketing imagination is king.


Guerrilla marketing relies heavily on word-of-mouth. There’s nothing better than getting people to talk about your campaign on their own accord.


A really successful Guerilla Marketing campaign can reach local and even in some cases the national news.



Your campaign needs to be clear and although a sense of mystery that can often propel a campaign’s attention and notice, the lack of clarity can also skew audience interpretation.

Criminal record

Some forms of guerrilla marketing, such as non-permissioned street graffiti, can result in problems with the police.

Unpredicted obstacles

Many guerrilla marketing tactics are susceptible to bad weather, thrown timing, and other small instances that could easily threaten to undermine an entire campaign.


The success of guerilla marketing is unpredictable. No one can assure the success of a guerilla marketing strategy. Sometimes, it can get be instant but could also take months.


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