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Best Christmas Adverts

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

As Christmas is approaching what better time would it be to look at some of the best Christmas adverts there has been over time?

Man On The Moon By John Lewis

Kicking off the list it couldn’t be anyone else but John Lewis and their famous Christmas adverts! We could have filled the entire list with just John Lewis as the have made so many good ones, however the one we have chosen today is John Lewis’ Man on the Moon ad, released 5 years ago now and we’re still crying from watching it! An extremely wholesome advert, where a girl spots a man sat on the moon alone, and after a long time thinking how she can get him to see her, she comes up with a plan. On Christmas night, as the man is sat looking at the earth, he sees a present land in front of him. Upon opening it, he finds that it contains a telescope, allowing him to look back at the girl and connect with her event over such a great distance. It is an amazing short film and John Lewis did an amazing job producing it.

Misunderstood By Apple

Second on the list today we have Apple with their advert “Misunderstood”. Again a very wholesome advert where a boy, constantly on his phone around his family at Christmas time, seems to be distant from his family. You can see some family members starting to show distress at this, but when Christmas Day comes, the boy comes down with his phone and goes straight to the tv remote and turns on the tv only to show a short film of his family’s Christmas! The family then understand what he has been doing the entire time, and some begin to cry at the nice thought as his dad gives him a hug. The advert was very nicely produced and shows that technology isn’t a bad thing and sometimes those who seem “tech obsessed” are doing a good thing.

Faint By M And M

Finishing off the list for today we have M&Ms Sequel of “Faint”, which was originally shown in 1996, then followed by the sequel in 2018! The sequel carries on after Santa and Red had both fainted after seeing each other, Yellow then takes it upon himself to deliver the Christmas presents however, all of the presents ended up at the wrong places. Yellow thinks he has ruined Christmas for Red until they point out that he has actually brought everyone together as they were all sharing their gifts and trading them back to each other. Another very wholesome and funny advert to end the list for today.

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