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Three Main Business Uses for Graphic Design

Graphic design is a broad industry covering everything from simple symbols to complex pieces of artwork. Graphic designers can find themselves working on anything from brand logos to websites, product packaging, or advertisements. Any time a visual medium is being used to communicate a specific message, you’ll find a graphic designer behind the scenes making sure that message is portrayed in the ideal way. Graphic design can be used to aid your business in a variety of ways, check out these three main examples below:

The Company Logo

Any graphic designer worth his salt will be well versed in creating perfect company logos. You want the logo for your business to be simple enough to be memorable and instantly recognisable, yet detailed enough to convey core details about your business. Many of the world’s most famous logos are unique, yet contain common symbols or other easily recognisable elements. You’ll need to carefully select appropriate colours, symbols, letters or images to represent the very essence of your company, and a graphic designer can certainly help with that!

Adverts and Infographics

Adverts and infographics must carry large quantities of information, making sure it is in an easily digestible format, while also keeping the reader engaged and entertained! Whether your company is a non-profit releasing infographics on global issues or a store running local adverts, your information must be packaged specifically for your audience, maintain very concise language, and still convey all the information you need it to! Graphic design is the perfect tool for the job.

Website Theme and Design

Website design is a huge part of modern-day graphic design. With so much of our business now conducted over the internet (even more so now the pandemic-related lockdowns have seen us all start working from home), your company’s website needs to be crisp, attractive, and engaging for visitors to browse through. Not unlike the company logo, your website theme needs to display appropriate colours for your brand, clean and effective layouts on your webpages, and an enjoyable user experience across your website. A graphic designer can help you achieve all of these, and then some!


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