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Three Core Aspects of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a term that originated from the print media industry in the early 20th century, but it’s roots are far more ancient than that. Graphic design, at its core, is the use of symbols and imagery to portray meaning, which is a human behaviour that stems back thousands of years to the earlier cave paintings in existence! But in modern times, graphic design is far more complex and nuanced than painting some animals. The meanings of colours, fonts, and symbols must be taken into account to ensure that customers are getting the perfect message from a particular graphic. So, what are the core aspects of graphic design in the modern world? Let’s take a look:

Company Logo and Imagery

The quintessential modern graphic design is drawing up company logos, symbols, and other imagery for your clients to use on their website, in their offices, or across their documents. But this is much more in depth than simply what looks nice! Colour theory shows us how different colours invoke different reactions in the viewer, such as red promoting hunger, or being a sign for danger, while blue promotes calmness and tranquillity. Being aware of these subtle psychologies underpinning our imagery is what a graphic designer does to ensure your company logo is perfect for its purpose.

Webpage Themes and Aesthetic

Designing the aesthetics of your company website, from it’s overall themes to its fonts, images, and layout, is another core aspect of graphic design. Many clients require assistance in their website design, and once again aspects like colour theory must be taken into account to ensure a successful design is reached. Other aspects of visual design, like typography, must also be carefully considered here.

User Experience Design

User experience (UX) design is a relative new facet of graphic design, in which designers must approach their stylistic choices through the lens of the audience. By taking a human approach, UX design aims to ensure that the website is pleasant to use, and fully accessible to customers. UX design requires an empathetic approach to graphic design, one that relies not only on theory, but also on real world customers and how they interact with your site.


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