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Three Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Graphic design has never been more accessible! Thanks to the dawn of the internet and the hosts of free, open access information available online, learning about graphic design has never been easier than is it today! But if you’re just starting out, you want to avoid making those common mistakes early on. Here are a few tips and hints for novice graphic designers looking to design themselves a gorgeous website:

Aim for ‘Simple but Effective’ Logo Designs

Too often, beginner graphic designers adopt a ‘more = better’ approach to logo design. Now, of course, you want your logo to stand out amongst the crowd, but adding more and more layers of detail is not the way to go! The best approach to logo design is ‘simple but effective’. Ensure you’re using every detail on your logo to its fullest effect and try to keep shading to a minimum!

Use Appropriate Fonts and Language

Having a cutting-edge website and a striking logo does not a successful business make! In order to attract clients and make sales, you must ensure that the experience your website offers aligns with your customers’ expectations. This means using appropriate language and fonts for your industry and company. For instance, businesses dealing with finances, management, consultation etc want to adopt formal fonts and language, as to instil confidence in their services. Conversely, websites advertising fun services like children’s entertainers or party equipment hire want to use flashy, colourful fonts and laid-back language to convey this to their potential customers.

Content Comes First

As much as graphic design is vital to the success of your website and the growth of your business, it is not the most important factor there is! There is no replacement for effective and informative content no matter what industry you’re in. So always ensure that graphic design efforts work in tandem with content creation and web page generation, so that customers not only find a gorgeous website, but also a host of useful and compelling information about your services. Only by placing this emphasis on content will customers be able to see your expertise and experience in practice and begin to build faith in your services.


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