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For free or not for free?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When I was starting off as Gareth Wright Design it was after a 10 year career with a publications company, I knew I needed to keep designing so my skills wouldn’t deteriorate.

One day while looking through Twitter I came across a message regarding an organisation called Art Heroes In the United States for students recommending them to design for non profit organisations to gain experience.

As at this point in my life I was at home with an illness so I had plenty of time for the organisation and helped many charities and non profit organisations.

After I knew I wasn’t getting back to work I created Gareth Wright design and a sister organisation called Legion that created designs for charities and organisations free or charge because they shouldn’t have to pay for design.

I believe that designing for free can be good for a new business to gain reputation, experience and fill your website but personally I would only design for charities as business's can be future clients and charities can always benefit from good design.

Legion has designed for Manchester Survivors Choir, Infinity Initiative, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Finding Rainbows, The Wonderwall Cup and many, many more.

Be proud to help as it benefits you both.

Update Legion has merged into Gareth Wright Design with the same FREE work for charities. #DOYOURBIT


If you require design why not choose Gareth Wright Design

Based in Tameside, Manchester we cover all aspects of print and social media design.

Visit our website at Gareth Wright Design and social media platforms.

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