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The Different Types of Graphic Design

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Graphic design includes any and all use of visual design pieces to communicate ideas. Graphic design is all about making effective use of colours, imagery, and typography to create a visual journey for the viewer, whether on a web page or a billboard ad. There are several approaches to graphic design, each with its own focus and style.

Brand Identity

Brand identity graphic design focuses on the relationship between a company and its audience. Brand identities are formed as a business communicates its values, desires, and personality, to its potential customers and the wider market. Visual identity graphic design is aimed at helping organisations form their brand identity to ensure they project the right image for themselves and connect with the perfect demographics for connecting with potential clients.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are one of the most common forms of graphic design! Graphic design for marketing can take many forms and usually involved the designing team working closing alongside company directors, managers, or their in-house marketing team to create marketing strategies and design materials.

User Interface

The user interface of a website or software program refers to everything a user interacts with in order to access the service. This includes visual elements like menu banners, drop-down menus, icons, and buttons. UI design focuses on creating an engaging visual experience for the user, and finding the perfect balance between technical functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Publications, like newspapers, magazines, and books, are long-form pieces that are created for an audience for virtually any topic, ranging from advanced science and medicine to fiction fantasy epics, or the latest video games. Publications can cover any content, and, though they have traditionally been a print medium, publications are now often published online. Graphic design for publications can involve designing front covers, story imagery, article layouts, or any other aspect of the publication.


Graphic design for packaging includes creating visual elements for products. This can involve packaging from any industry, from the most specialised construction products to everyday toys, electronics, or toiletries. Packaging design requires a good eye for what the customers want and what the product demands, as each industry has wildly different requirements for its packaging.


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