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Different Types of Association to Consider when Designing a Logo

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

One of the most vital things you can do for your company or business is to create an effective logo. A good logo will be simple, memorable, and will create a lasting impression on potential customers. There are three main methods to creating an effective logo for your business, based on different types of association.

Association by Proxy

Many logos incorporate metaphorical symbology or related imagery to represent the company’s name in some way. These help to encourage association in the minds of those who see it. By connecting the company name to something that already exists, it is easy to closely associate your company with that object. Huge corporations like Apple and Dominoes benefit from simple logos which directly reflect the name of the company, while some others like Twitter have logos which hold an immediate logical or phonetical association.

Direct Association

Some other companies rely on a different approach, and to great effect. By creating a completely new and unique image, or an altered or distorted version of a popular symbol, they create a directly association between the company and the image, rather than relying on association based on an animal, fruit, or some other pre-existing concept. Audi’s four rings and Google Chrome’s quad colour circle are both examples of companies creating logos with no real reference point for associating them with the products or services they provide!

Linguistic Association

Linguistic association is simply using the name or initials of the company directly in the logo itself. This isn’t so much an association as it is just spoon feeding your audience. But they’ll definitely come to associate your logo with the name of your company, there’s no denying that! Companies like McDonald’s have been very successful creating a simple logo from their company initials. Some companies opt for including just a short section of their full name, like LinkedIn’s logo, which merely says “in”.

Of course, most world-famous logos blend more than one of these approaches together! Many companies will include the full name beneath the logo to force the association between symbol and name. There are countless examples of this, from Amazon to Pepsi.

The easiest way to guarantee that your company’s new logo design is effective is to hire a graphic designer! A good graphic designer will be able to look at your business or current logo and produce an iconic logo that perfectly represents your company and foments a strong association in the minds of your potential customers! If you're looking for a professional graphic designer, then make sure to check out Gareth Wright Design


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