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Customer Profile: Pud Pud Services

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Pud Puds Pet Services is a dog walking and pet sitting business based in Dukinfield and covering Tameside. Predominantly work with nervous, anxious and reactive dogs but do cater to all dogs needs. They also care for cats and other small furries.

The Wary Woofers Club is part of Pud Puds Pet Services but is set up to raise awareness of nervous, anxious and reactive dogs and why they wear traffic light system attire for dogs that can include phrases like Nervous, No Dogs, Do Not Feed Me, Do Not Pet Me etc and also muzzles & head collars. They will be looking to work with the local authority, veterinary practices, Police etc on an upcoming campaign to highlight just what a "Yellow Dog" is and how to safely interact or maintain appropriate distance.


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