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Creating artwork for Singer/Songwriter Sophie Jones

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Sophie Jones is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Oldham, Greater Manchester. For many years she has dreamt of writing and creating music and that dream came true, with her consistently composing new tunes and lyrics.

Gareth Wright Design has had the privilege of creating artwork for Sophie's singles, making them visually attractive while staying true to the themes of the songs.

In her own words, Sophie said...

My writing is there to inspire others, educate them, and make them feel welcome and relaxed. I started writing when I was in Year 11 at school, it all started with my GCSE composition where I wrote a song called ‘couples fight’ after that my mind kept creating different lyrics and I tried my hardest to piece them together until I made a song!

Since then I have written and released many more

I'm also 1 half of the duo The Undecided where we have currently written and recorded an entire album!!

I’m so thankful to Gareth Wright Design for helping me express the feeling of my songs into a cover photo, taking the time to listen and analyse my music to the point he understood the way I felt and the mood behind it, coming up with the perfect piece of art to explain that! Thank you so much Gareth you have been a great help and I’m so lucky to be working closely with him!


If you creating music and require designs for posters, albums, etc. Here at Gareth Wright Design, we can make you the perfect image to make you stand out and attract listeners.

Visit our website at Gareth Wright Design and social media platforms.


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