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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Eye-Catching Posters

Can you think of the most popular way to gain interest in a new movie, book, album, or event? That’s right, posters! Posters have been a huge promotional favourite for decades because they are so versatile. Creating a poster is an effective way to generate excitement while providing information.

Whether it’s a movie poster or an informational poster, at Gareth Wright Design, we can help you design and bring your ideas to life with our excellent team and the top-quality services we provide.

The crucial first step in your poster journey is to understand your target market and the product you’ll be promoting. Below are some recommendations to help you find the best approach to convey your message.

Colour Palette

Colours are the first and most important step in creating the perfect promotional poster.

To decide your ideal colour combinations, we advise checking out a colour palette online and seeing what colours will work best for your project.

To keep things easy on the eye, we don’t recommend selecting more than two colours at a time in addition to black and white. Try using multiple shades of your colours chosen to add depth!

Text and Fonts

Simplicity is key when designing a poster. You want the text to be easy to read as that is the message you are pushing to your audience.

Less is more, meaning if you opt for a clear and legible font, your audience will be drawn to the content quicker.

Don’t forget – when using text, make sure to choose a colour that will significantly contrast with the background. For example, white and simple text on a darker background will make it a lot easier for viewers to understand the message.

Spacing and Alignment

A vital element when designing your posters is to align and space your text and images properly. Your components must complement each other well, spread them out rather than squash them together. This will make your message legible and easy to gather.


Now, this isn’t essential, but it is always good to have this option. Minimalism is great for people who need to broadcast a message quickly and effectively. You can do this by using basic design techniques such as simple symbols in the background with slightly bolder text.

Illustrations and Designs

A huge poster trend right now is the retro poster revival. The groovy illustrations and bright contrasting colours make posters into works of art. Adding illustrations to a poster gives a more personal touch about you and your message. It’s also creative and fun to showcase little stickers rather than the traditional use of photos on a poster.

Graphics and Dimension

Posters that are unique and bold tend to steal the show. Have a go at playing with graphics and changing the dimensions to see if there’s something to create that is memorable and stands out.

Sometimes images can speak louder than words, meaning that if your graphics portray the message adequately, text may not be needed.


If you’re looking for top-quality graphic design services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Here at Gareth Wright Design, we can design you a unique eye-catching business card Based in Tameside, Manchester we cover all aspects of print and social media design.

Visit our website at Gareth Wright Design and social media platforms.


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