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How Does Your Website Design Impact Your Business?

A website can do great things for your business, if set up and designed well. Research suggests that 81% of shoppers do online research before buying; without having a well-designed website, you could lose out on potential customers as people may be put off by a poorly designed website. It can create a lot more visibility for your business as well if it is optimised for search engines.

While a good website can do great things for your business, a bad one can reduce your traffic and plummet your potential sales! If it isn’t set up right or doesn’t look pleasing to the eye, people won’t want to stick around on your site. A mistake that most business owners make when setting up a business is thinking that any website will do, which is very far from the truth and can be damaging to small businesses.

Having an attractive design for your website is a great way to showcase how you and your business run. If you have a poor looking website, you will come across as not caring about the services or products you are offering. Whereas if you have a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing website, people will think you are passionate about what you do and that you will take care with what you do, which then will lead to more potential customers/clients.

How To Create An Eye-Catching Website

The key to creating an eye-catching website is keeping it simple, making effective use of fonts and using a good colour scheme. By keeping it simple, you don’t overwhelm the viewer and they can have a relaxed experience on the website. By choosing an attractive font you set the tone/style of the website and you can choose the vibe you want your site to give off. By choosing a good colour scheme you can instantly grab the attention of the viewer and entice them into your site.

Having a professional logo is also vital, to give viewers a lasting impression on who you are. Creating one yourself is an easy way to do this, however getting a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you is the best way to ensure your logo is completed to an impeccable standard.


If you are looking for a graphic designer to create the perfect logo for you, then make sure to check out Gareth Wright who offers an amazing range of graphic design services.

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