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Are Business Cards Still Important?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

In the modern age of social media, it may be easy to think that business cards are no longer needed. Business cards have been around for decades, handed to potential clients at networking events

Many people believe that with such a focus on social networking nowadays, people no longer need to print business cards because they can simply get their phones out and follow potential clients.

Building an impression

Business cards leave an impression of professionalism. Sharing your business card with customers is a way of promoting yourself in any setting. They can also be unique with many sizes and shapes with different finishes


Everything is a give-and-take affair in today’s era. People always carry their business cards with them. They would like one in exchange for theirs. It is an efficient way of selling your business as well. This is the most common way of communication these days.


Business cards are so accessible, they are easy to carry in your wallet or cardholder. Anywhere you travel, business cards should be your partner in the journey. It’s a good idea to always have enough cards on you as you never know when you’ll need one to capitalise on a potential business scenario.


Business cards are very handy and will not empty your bank account. Business cards are easy to carry anywhere. They can be custom made according to how you want it to look along with the information provided in them.

Leaving your mark behind

Business cards represent you in the market. Handing over a business card is letting people know you in the market. First of all, it should be Informative, the quality of the card should be the best. Each element shows the efforts you have put in and it should be different and innovative from the rest.

Building your brand

Be it a small or large business, it is important to build your brand. The best way to establish your brand and make it recognisable for your peers is by having business cards. Business cards can go a long way and who knows, it can even bring your next potential client.

Make the business cards identifiable and make sure that people who view your business card should be clearly able to understand who you’re and what you do. Include your logo, tagline/slogan and if you want people to instantly recognise you, use your brand colours.


Business cards are still an essential asset in helping you build a better network. They might be small, but they’re dependable for network growth so never leave home without one!


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