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Why you should be using a professional Graphic Designer

The number of times in my career I have had a business owner or work colleague come to me with a logo designed in Microsoft Word or a low-resolution image looking to expand their marketing materials for their business.

Professional Graphic Designers will know the best way to communicate your product and services to your customers. Most importantly they will develop the logo/art in the proper software so that it can be printed by any printer. Designing anything in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint is not going to go far when it comes to printing your projects!

Graphic Design requires a creative expert. There is a major difference from a cheap logo you purchased from an online site because his mate gave him a hacked version of Adobe CC and one that has been customised for you and your business by an experienced designer.

Overall using an experienced Graphic Designer will give you a unique design catered to you so you don’t spend further money and time fixing mistakes.


If you require design why not choose Gareth Wright Design. Based in Tameside, Manchester we cover all aspects of print and social media design. Visit our website at Gareth Wright Design and social media platforms.


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